Coach Bus Conversion Companies

Cash flow is KING in the Coach Bus industry. At Visionary Funding, we understand your needs and have developed a product that improves your cash flow as a Coach Bus Conversion Company.

Visionary Funding will fund your Coach Bus unimproved shell immediately as it comes from the manufacturer to your conversion shop. Banks and other lending institutions are hesitant to lend while the shell is going through the conversion process. Some will not lend at all on the shell until the shell is complete and ready for sale.

Visionary Funding will make you an interest only loan for up to 100% of invoice for 12 months. Hopefully this product can improve the cash flow of your Coach Bus Conversion Company.  Visionary Funding is willing to fund one or multiple coach bus shells while your Conversion Shop completes the conversion process.

After conversion of your Coach Bus Shell, simply complete the sale to your client and pay off our loan at closing.

Let Visionary Funding be your lender of first choice for your Coach Bus shells as they leave the manufacturer and your Coach Conversion Company converts that shell for final delivery to your clients!

Contact Visionary Funding and start the process to dramatically help your cash flow today at or 314.828.2177! We look forward to working with your Coach Bus Conversion Company.